My Xuh’lan campaign does not use classes, all characters will advance as Fighting-men. When I first started working on the campaign I used Mutant Future in which all characters have the same Level progressionbut have different special abilities (such as mutations) depending on race. And when I switched to S&W I did not want to use the Cleric and Magic-User classes which more or less left me with the Fighters. Player characters are distinguished by race, skills, equipment and – first and foremost, by how the players choose to shape the characters personalities, goals and strategies.


The planet Xuh’lan is located far away in the unknown reaches of the Universe, but men or women of Terra may be transported from their home world and thrown into a perilous new life as an adventurer on this alien planet. This can be due to being abducted by extraterrestrials, entering an Atlantean or Lemurian stargate, perusing an experimental hyperspace-translocator or any other reason that the player or GM may decide.

Racial bonuses and modifiers: Due to their everyday experience with moderately advanced technology and at least basic insights in scientific thought all terrans gain a +3 bonus on Saving Throws to understand and repair high tech artefacts. On the down side terran immune systems are not adapted to the conditions on this strange world which gives all earthlings a -1 modifier on saving throws when fighting disease and infections.

Xuh’lan Pure Strain

The human inhabitants of Xuh’lan are descended from terrans that were brought to their world by the Primordials in the very distant past, likely more than a hundred thousand years ago. Since then they have adapted to the light spectrum, atmosphere composition, gravitation, microbiological organisms and other circumstances that differ between their old and new home worlds. Xuh’lanians have slanted eyes, pointed ears and skin colours varying from emerald to scarlet, azure and mauve.

Racial bonuses and modifiers: Add 3 to Charisma and Constitution scores, the final value can not be higher than 18.


As a result of genetic manipulation, as well as radiation and poisonous substances left in the wake of the cataclysmic wars that shook Xuh’lan during the fall of the Primordials, many humans have been severely mutated. Their bodies and minds are twisted and malformed but also gifted with strange abilities and wondrous powers. These creatures, also known as dysgenics or abhumans, are viewed as unclean and dangerous monsters by those who name themselves as Pure Strain. In most civilised societies on Xuh’lan mutants are either enslaved or driven out into the wilderness. Therefore many tribes of mutants shun their Pure Strain relatives and take residence in ancient ruins or underground labyrinths. Mutants born in families with wealth and power are sometimes able to hide their condition and live within the city walls, but always under threat that a rival will uncover their secret.

Racial bonuses and modifiers: Roll 1d3+1 times on the Mutations table.


There are many kinds of automatons and synthetic servants produced by the advanced civilisations of old or created by lone geniuses or cabals of sorcerer-scientists. Some are highly specialized with bodies and minds made to excel in one single task, but many are capable of performing many different tasks. These multi-purpose androids, or machine men, have minds made for communicating and cooperating with humans, and bodies suited for human environments. This usually means a roughly humanoid morphology with legs for locomotion, hands (or tentacles) for manipulation, and some sort of equipment for vocal communication.

Racial bonuses and modifiers: Add +3 to any two attributes, and subtract -3 from any other two.

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