Alien gods

These eldritch godlings have been known to lend their support to members of lesser species in exchange for worship, sacrifice or other kinds of tribute.

A kind of sentient slime mould whose enormous mountain-sized amoeba-like body crawls across the surface of Xuh’lan. The most fervent of its worshippers can be chosen as champions who are then infected with its spores. The symbiotic relationship with the spores allows the bodies of the chosen ones to perform alchemical transmutations to produce pharmacological elixirs and other potions and mixtures. A priest or priestess of Slaathi can vomit forth one potion a day per level or HD. Each potion has a specific effect equivalent to one of the following spells: Cure Wounds I & II, Cure Disease, Sleep and Poison.
AC: 3 [16] HP: 300 Attacks: 10 Pseudopods (2d8) Saving Throw: 4 Special: Vomits a cone of acid 30 m long and 10 m wide at its base (10d10) Move: 5 XP: 4000

A huge metal head floating fifty meters above the ground. Possibly a creation of the Primordials. It teaches its followers in the arts of super-science. The disciples of Xaar has amalgamated into a horde of heavily armed riders wearing red capes, 2D100 are always present. They demand tribute in the form of technological artefacts in exchange for access to their master.
AC: 4 [15] HP: 120 Attacks: Laser beams from the eyes (2d10) Saving Throw: 9 Special: – Move: 20 XP: 2000

In the interior of one of Xuh’lan’s seven moons there lives a huge brain that seeks to invade the minds of intelligent beings through a form of telepathy. Anyone that submits will be rewarded with a permanent increase of their Intelligence score by 1d6. Once per day the servant of Zoth-Ya may use its masters reservoir of knowledge accumulated from the minds of all its servants. The player may ask the gm for any fact regarding anything in the game, and if the gm rolls below 40% he or she will provide the correct answer.
After the initial contact Zoth-Ya will return at irregular intervals to take possession of its servants body. Every day the GM will roll a d% to see whether this happens or not. At day one there is a 5% chance that this will happen, the next day the chance will increase by 5, etc. When Zoth-Ya has taken its due the value returns to 5% again. During the possession it will have control over the servants body for one hour and engage in one of the following activities: 1. walk around looking at things, 2. investigate any random object, 3. eat and drink, 4. try to engage in sexual congress with anyone present, 5. get intoxicated, 6. pick a fight with anyone present. If the servant will not freely surrender to Zoth-Ya when it pays a visit he or she must make a saving throw or lose 1d6 HP due to neural stress.
AC: 9 [10] HP: 175 Attacks: Can use one of the following spells as an at will power once per combat round – Charm person, Confusion, ESP, Fear, Feeblemind Saving Throw: 10 Special: – Move: – XP: 1500

A strange intellect inhabiting a fragmented body of huge crystals distributed throughout the planetary crust of Xuh’lan. It despises technology and especially seeks to destroy all robots. Anyone wearing a fragment of Nyag-Alatl’s body can commune telepathically with the god or anyone else wearing such a piece of crystal. Anyone who comes near Nyag-Alatl, or wears a fragment of its body for more than one hour, must make 1D3+1 rolls on the Mutations table.
AC: 4 [15] HP: 90 Attacks: Thunderbolt (2d8) Saving Throw: 8 Special: Move: – XP: 1000

Edit 120207: Added a new one.

This blue mould is cultivated by the Exalted Seers of the Sapphire Sodality, a secret sect who seek the illumination and mystic powers granted by consuming the flesh of their god. The mould grows in huge subterranean stone pits into which human sacrifices are thrown to feed the deity. The cultists gather the mould and devour it to achieve a transcendent ecstasy wherein they experience communion with the fungal mind of Yug-Tsath. A successful saving throw is needed to avoid taking 1d10 hp damage due to poison. For 1d4 days the mystic will be blessed with 1d3 random mental powers: 1. Charm Person, 2. Clairaudience, 3. Clairvoyance, 4. ESP, 5. Mind blast, 6. Telekinesis, 7. Telepathy, 8. Phantasmal force. Each power can be used at will three times a day.
AC: – HD: 4 Attacks: Acid, 1d6 Saving Throw: 5 Special: Only harmed by fire Move: – XP: 40

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