Strange beasts

There are many great random monster generators out there, especially James Raggi’s Random Esoteric Creature Generator and Stefan Poag’s Exquisite Corpses. But thats no reason not to make yet another one. Hey, monsters are fun!

The monster is kind of like a…
1. Giraffe
2. Dog
3. Cat
4. Spider
5. Cow
6. Aardvark
7. Sloth
8. Penguin
9. Otter
10. Snake
11. Elephant
12. Armadillo

But also kind of like a…
1. Beetle
2. Crocodile
3. Centipede
4. Shark
5. Bird
6. Flower
7. Cactus
8. Amoeba
9. Octopus
10. Butterfly
11. Lobster
12. Bat

And its big as a… (HD in brackets)
1. Dog (1)
2. Person (2)
3. Donkey (4)
4. Bull (6)
5. Elephant (10)
6. House (12)

Its got a special power
1. Breath fire
2. Spit acid
3. Exude poisonous vapors
4. Shoot lightning
5. Shatter your mind
6. Phase through solid objects
7. Control your mind
8. Become invisible
9. Fly, even if its got no wings
10. Project multiple false images of it self
11. Turn into human shape
12. Body made of metall, AC 2 [17]
13. Regenerate, 3 HP per round
14. Body made of crystal, AC 2 [17], if exposed to extreme change in temperature AC is altered to 8 [11]
15. Turn into liquid form
16. Turn into gaseous form
17. Anyone that sees it turns to stone, saving throw applies
18. Siren song, target must make a saving throw or come willingly to its death
19. Anyone hurt by it must make a saving throw or turn into the same kind of creature in 1-8 days
20. Roll d4 extra times on this table, ignore this result if it comes up again

Is it smart?
1-5. No
6. No, but it can mimic speech like a parrot
7-8. Kind of, like a small child
9-10. Yes, pretty much like a human
11. Yes, its great at logic problem solving and tool using, but it doesnt communicate
12. Yes, like a divine genius

Is it alone or are there many of them?
1-3. There is only this one
4. They always come two at a time
5. There are 1-3 of them
6. The move in groups of 1-6

Special weakness
1. Sunlight turns it to stone
2. Moonlight makes it go to sleep
3. Holy symbols causes it to run away
4. Music makes it confused, though it gets a saving throw each round
5. Fire does double damage
6. A tear shed for a loved one makes it meek as a lamb
7. Its true name makes it your obedient servant
8. It will not go near a certain herb

Ok, so on my first try I got a creature thats kind of like a snake but also resembles a butterfly, and is big as a donkey (3 HD). Its not smart but it can shoot lightning. Theres only one and moonlight makes it go to sleep.

My second monster looks like a cow but also kind of like a crocodile – wtf!? Eh, I guess its got a basically bovine body shape but with scaly hide and a crocodile’s jaws! Its big as a bull (6 HD), can project multiple false images of it self to confuse an opponent and even though its stupid it can mimic speech! And they come in groups of 1-6… Speaking its true name will make it your obedient servant. Totally weird and very dangerous, I like this one! 🙂

Edit: Changed the smartness table in order to make certain alternatives less common.

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