K'ree-K'ree Men

Ok, here’s a PC race with an unhealthy relationship to an alien species. And yes, it’s very much inspired by Jack Vance’s Planet of Adventures tetralogy.

K’ree-K’ree – Intelligent giant insects who live in enormous towering hive mounds with sprawling underground tunnels. The size of hives range from a few hundred individuals up to many thousands or even tens of thousand inhabitants. K’ree-K’ree have complex societies with many different castes specialized in certain tasks from birth, such as drones, engineers and soldiers. Many K’ree-K’ree hives keep human slaves so that their queen can give priority to multiplying the number of engineers and soldiers instead of drones.
Drone # Appearing: 2-12 AC: 4 [15] HD: 2 Attacks: Bite / Claws (1d6) Saving Throw: 16 Special: Infravision and superb smell sense Move: 18 XP: 28
Engineer # Appearing: 1-3 AC: 4 [15] HD: 2 Attacks: Bite / Claws (1d6) Saving Throw: 14 Special: Infravision and superb smell sense Move: 18 XP: 28
Soldier # Appearing: 1-8 AC: 3 [16] HD: 2 Attacks: Great glave (1d8) or Musket (1d6) Saving Throw: 14 Special: Infravision and superb smell sense Move: 18 XP: 30

K’ree-K’ree Men – Humans who have been subjects to the K’ree-K’ree for many generations and who have adapted to that situation physically, psychologically and culturally. They are of short build due to a combination of cramped surroundings and malnutrition, and have a sturdy and strong physique as a result of hard work. These traits are often enhanced by their masters through selective breeding and certain chemical compounds distributed in the drinking water. K’ree-K’ree Men view themselves as lesser beings who are being refined by their masters. Many believe that they may be reborn as one of the insect overlords if they toil hard and show proper respect for their betters. Which is why it is viewed as positive to be consumed by the K’ree-K’ree when one is too old, or sick or injured, to be productive member of the hive – that way one can be sure that one’s essence becomes one with the master race.
# Appearing: 1-12 AC: 4 [15] HD: 1 Attacks: lub (1d4) Saving Throw: 17 Special: Infravision Move: 6 XP: 15

K’ree-K’ree Men as PC Race
Rogue K’ree-K’ree Men are often violently hateful towards their former masters while at the same time retaining many of the psychological and cultural characteristics fostered upon them during their thralldom. They are often distrustful of the “chaotic and disordered” surface world outside the hive and prefer to live with their fellow refugees and outcasts in tightly knit and rigidly hierarchical collectives in whatever caves or underground ruins they can claim for themselves. Some however try to break out of the K’ree-K’ree mold and live with their human cousins. Such individuals usually end up as drifters at the outskirts of society, not really belonging anywhere, and left to carve their own fate as adventurers, mercenaries, explorers, scavengers and thieves.
Racial bonuses and modifiers: CON +1, CHA -1, they also have Infravision and can speak K’ree-K’ree.

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