A chronicle

For the very first time two adventurers have now walked the streets of Alanu. Two friends Labashi, a dwarven mercenary, and Kuri, a cleric of Ea, sat at the tavern on the ground floor of the nagu (appartment house) where they shared a small drafty top floor room. It was four days before rent and money was low, especially for the dwarf. Their landlord and bartender, Bubu, complained about the lack of safety on the streets and told them about an old woman and the young son of the local shoemaker that had gone missing recently.

Just when they were at the stairs to their room they heard the screams of their landlords wife. Someone, namely a bunch of ratmen, where stealing a newly slaughtered pig. Kuri and Labashi were, after some quick negotiation offered one months rent if they regained the pig and killed some ratmen. It is a well known fact that the sewers and other tunnels under Alanu holds a growing population of ratmen comprised mostly of escaped slaves originally captured during glorious conquest in the great swamps of the distant northeast.

After a race through the sewers, where Labashi along the way is lured into a crawling space with a shit-trap, a fight ensues with four ratmen in a tunnel that clearly isn’t part of the sewers. The ratmen are killed but the pig is nowhere to be seen. Labashi and Kuri are now both seriously wounded and very dirty which forces them to return home over the night. In the morning they returns down into the sewers in the company of a soldier on leave that has, at the instigation by Labashi and Kuri, been hired by the shoemaker in order to find his son that might be down there.

After scaring away a crocodile by shooting it with an arrow, they return to battle more ratmen and explore the tunnels. In a cave with large mushrooms and glowing moss they encounter a gelatinous cube but leaves it alone after some failed attempts to hurt it. A pair of new shoes are found which points to the lost son. They at last encounter several ratmen barricaded in a tunnel that, unknown to them, dead end. After some though negotiations they learn that they were hired by humans, a family of fiendish fowlers, to kidnap two humans and got a lot of chickens as payment. It seemed like they, the kidnapped, by some reason were going to get sacrificed in a few days at the full moon.

After promising safe passage for the ratmen they learned that the two kidnapped humans were kept prisoners in a cave not far away but much deeper down. Labashi, Kuri and the hired soldier reached the said cave and killed the two human guards. During the fight Kuri sadly got a deadly wound and perished after some last words. The disappeared woman and boy where found. At the same site they also found a strange, large and sealed stone portal with glowing elven signs in red.

The main dungeon of the quest was a randomly generated cave made with the excellent tool Dave’s Mapperwhich I can’t recommend enough:

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