Dabbling with silhouettes: A ratman

I have always liked the art of silhouettes and when I found Telecanter’s receding rules I was overjoyed by the plethora of  cool old school fantasy silhouette illustrations it served. Inspired by his greatness I have now created a silhouette ratman, a creature I’m rather found of, based out of an illustration by Arthur Rackham.  Use it as you like but please mention me if you do, and keep on sharing.

Here is the original by Rackham:

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1 Response to Dabbling with silhouettes: A ratman

  1. Telecanter says:

    That’s awesome. I hope you make many more if you enjoyed it. That’s a good ratman, too. I can’t believe I missed the little feller. I actually got my medusa head and one of my hirelings from that very same book!

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