A sorcerer-scientist of Xuh'lan

Akhenzar is a sorcerer-scientist (lvl 10) whose mind is embodied in a pagoda-like structure with eight metallic legs that prowls the wastelands surrounding the arcology city state Yankara. When Akhenzar’s path crosses someone else’s there is a 60% chance that the sorcerer-scientist will halt his ambulant house and open its doors. Anyone who enters the pagoda will find a single room where a hooded figure sits at a table. The apparition, who is entirely concealed by the dark hood except seven glowing eyes and grey withered hands, is an illusion created with the Phantasmal Force spell. The figure will beckon any visitor to come closer and offer a random card from the Deck of Many Things that lies on the table (the deck of cards is a product of the Witch Stone and can not be removed from the pagoda). The sorcerer-scientist’s Witch Stone is encased in the centre of the ceiling of the room.

If a visitor attacks, insults or in any other way annoys Akhenzar he will cast a Geas spell on the poor fool. The goal of the quest will be to: 1. slay a certain huge and dangerous monster; 2. kill a certain named person; 3. destroy a specific artefact; 4. retrieve a specific artefact; 5. spread a rumour regarding the ruler of a certain settlement; 6. carry a message to a certain person; 7. transport a mysterious artefact to a specific location; 8. investigate a specific location and report any information to Akhenzar.

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