The Phantasmal Plains

This weird wasteland on the plains west of the arcology city state of Yankara is covered with many-coloured crystals glowing like an earthbound aurora. As one traverses the lifeless splendour vague shapes can be half-glimpsed, at first only as faint shadows but the deeper into the zone you go the more distinct this ghostly presence grows. In the centre is a spherical zone one hundred meters in diameter where another world intersects with Xuh’lan and it is possible to cross between the two. For each ten minutes spent in the zone, in either world, there is a 50% chance to cross over.

The other world may be constructed by the GM, or it can be one of the following: 1. Carcosa, 2. The Nightland, 3. Athanor, 4. Cykranosh, 5. Yuggoth, 6. Lemuria.

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