Sword and Wizardry at Nordsken convention

We are going to GM a very improvised old school sandbox at Nordsken game convention in Skelleftea in northern Sweden (https://nordsken.se/infoeng). The idea is that the PC:s are free to roam the map of the very generic fantasy kingdom of Holmgard. Dungeons and such are to be improvised from a large pile of maps, monsters, advendure seeds and tables picked from the net. About all existing information about Holmgard is included in this post. Much is to be left to the improvisation in game.

Ten year ago the brave king Njal died driving the dark forces of the Necromancer back into the Shadow Mountains. But many dark things remained behind the retreat. Insidious cults hide in the shadow, undead creatures roam the old burial grounds and bandits makes the roads unsafe to travel. Ancient secrets and treasure rests in hidden vaults and more recent riches lie abandoned in the haunted ruins of the war.

I have constructed a map of Holmgard. It is actually my first hexagon map ever. Kind advice and constructive criticism are very welcome. Is any important geographic fantasy feature missing? I’m thinking about adding some ruins. Should I add a sea monster or two?

The map symbols are taken from or inspired by the swedish medieval geographer and historian Olaus Magnus map Carta Marina and his history book Historia de Gentibus Septentrionalibus (History of the Northern Peoples). I am compiling pictures in order to make a photoshop brush based on his map symbols.

I’m working in Inkscape and the picture shown here is a low resolution bitmap version of the vector map.


Scale: 1 Hex=5 kilometers

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