Narcotic Elixirs, Psychotropic Potions and Extraterrestrial Entheogens for Old School Science Fantasy games.

We were somewhere around Yankara on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold…

1. Purple Lotus
The dried and powdered petals of this rare flower makes the user fall into a very deep slumber for 4d4 hours wherein he or she experiences extremely vivid and enchanting dreams. The visions can be shaped by the dreamer and filled with whatever the user longs for, and the same dreamland can be visited again and again by using the lotus powder. Each time the drug is used there is a 10% risk of becoming permanently insane.

2. The Black Meat of the Aquatic Gigant Centipede
Makes the user experience ecstatic euphoria and drift of into a dream world of pleasure-filled phantasmagoria. Very addictive, each day the user does not partake of the Black Meat he or she must make a saving throw or loose 1d4 HP, for each day the save is one degree harder.

3. Mugwump Effluvium
This milky fluid is extracted by stimulating the sexual glands in the nervous centre of the reptilo-insectoid Mugwumps. When ingested it generates a state of calm and clarity in the user who becomes more acutely aware of his or her senses and may find it easier to formulate logical thoughts (+1D3 Int for 24 h). During 1d6 days after using the effluvium there will be withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, tiredness and headaches.

4. Thoorian Vascular Parasites
Micro-organisms living in the users bloodstream, as they continuously die and decompose a substance is released that gives the user access to psionic abilities. Each day there is a 40% chance of having 1. Telepathy, 2. ESP, 3. Telekinesis, 4. Charm Person, 5. Psychometry, 6. Phantasmal force. There is also a daily 10% chance of experiencing hallucinations and paranoid delusions.

5. Fermented Troglodyte Spinal Fluid
Makes the user temporarily develop a resurgent atavism. Stimulates all primal skills and instincts such as hunting, tracking, fighting, fleeing.

6. Mi-Go Lingua Spores
Induces a mild euphoria and makes the user speak fluent Aklo for 2d3 hours. The more the spores are used the more the alien terminology and thought patterns tend to become part of the user, making it increasingly harder to communicate and identify with normal human beings.

7. Milk of Shub-Niggurath
A very potent aphrodisiac that also heals 2d6 HP damage. 10% chance for spontaneous permanent sex-change. May cause the user to develop a preference for praeter-human entities.

8. Ne-Chrono-Mycon
Puts the user in contact with a fungal mycelium from outside the circles of time functioning as a trans-dimensional information network. Magic-users will have a 60% chance to recieve knowledge of any wanted spell. 20% chance of being possessed by a para-cosmic virus.

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