Events of importance, a d100 table

Most of the politics and other important events of the Alanu republic happens far away from the concern of ordinary adventurers. But at times it can be quite important to know what is going on, if not else to avoid getting into unwanted trouble with the politics.

When starting a adventure the players can make a roll on the following table in order to hear a bit regarding the big picture. The referee can allow a re-roll if the event doesn’t fit that which has already transpired in-game. For example if a mentioned character is already dead and the referee wants to keep it that way.

All these events are only suggestions in the hands of fate. Many of them might never happen at all.

1. Panic grips the city as a ragtag army of escaped slaves are massing in the wine hills less than two days from the city walls. They are led by a group of minotaur gladiators.
2. The Order of Mother Alissu imposes a general feast of copulation because of the grevious losses sustained in the war against the orcish hordes.
3. The name of general Balathu is sung on the street as reports arrive that he has thoroughly pacified the unruly ratmen of the northeastern swamplands.
4. Rumors say that Hunzuu, military governor of the Riverlands, has married a local elven queen under her laws. Several senators stresses that issue from such a union never can be made citizens.

5. The word on the street says that some kind of elven political conspiracy are moving to take control over the senate. Unruly mobs strikes down hard on all elves that remain on the streets.

6. The most powerful gangster boss in Harbor is unexpectedly killed by an angry father whose son he had lured into prostitution. Extreme violence ensues as several factions battle to establish a new dominance.

7. The old conservative senator and general Nutesh dies in a mysterious disease. He opposed both generals Balathu and Hunzuu who many now suspect of being responsible for his death.

8. The high priestess of Mother Alissu divinates through the sacred fire that an old enemy of the republic is returning unseen, why the public must be eternally vigilant.

9. Uktannu, the last general still loyal to the Tyrant, surrenders in the western mountains after the security of his family and the amnesty of his few remaining troops are guaranteed by the senate. He sealed the agreement by taking his own life. General Gina who has long been tasked with defeating Uktannu was present as a witness.
10. The Magisterium pushes for a month long ban on all divination. The senate and the clan council agrees after some debate.

11. More and more ratmen, mostly escaped slaves, are massing in the tunnels under Alanu. The senate posts a reward of 5 gp for each ratman head that are delivered at the senate house.

12. All rewards for ratman heads are canceled as a growing number of unescaped ratmen slaves have been found by their owners without their heads.

13. The senate and the clan council are locked into a standstill over how to use huge amounts of wealth recaptured from the Ballaki pirates. Admiral Hunzuu illegally starts a very popular initiative to distribute it among the citizens. All citizen adventurers get d4+1 gp.

14. A palace on Spire is engulfed by a mysterious storm-like event and is completely destroyed. The palace belongs to the powerful senatorial Egeru family. Senator Gitmalu of the Egeru is among the dead.

15. General Hunzuu is elected a captain of the republic but is almost instantly sent to the east in order to pacify the orcish hordes that threaten the border.

16. The senate and the clan council have decided that all land confiscated from renegades during the glorious purge will be distributed among worthy landless veterans from lawful wars in 20 acres pieces. The recipient can’t sell the land as long as he lives and must publicly denounce the Tyrant.

17. The city is in great turmoil after the struggle against an enormous demon creature of chaos that destroyed several blocks. D100+100 persons were killed. Among them were arch mage Alittum who was sucked out into the void together with the banished demon.

18. A fire is consuming several buildings in Harbor. The desperate effort to put out the fire is marred by looters. A 1 on a d6 means that the fire is hard to put out and spreads near where the adventurers are sometime during the current adventure. The referee should make this a hidden roll.

19. Admiral Hunzuu has volunteered to fight in the gladitorial games that are to take place during the coming three days, as a privately financed celebration of his victories. Members of the senate generally sees this as reckless and unworthy of a republican officer while many ordinary citizens, and of course bookmakers, are thrilled.

20. An emissary from the Dragon Emperor of the far east has arrived in the city. Due to her size she is camped outside the city walls in a specially constructed tent and protected from all disturbances by the forth legion. Final negotiations regarding the formal meeting between the emissary and the senate are now being made.

21. Humusi, a prominent associate of general Balathu, is being lauded by the clan council for promoting peace and stability among the unruly street gangs of Alanu. A great example of citizenship in these dire times.

22. Humusi, a shadowy associate of general Balathu, has been declared and enemy of the republic for trying to organize a city wide thieves guild as a political tool to destabilize the republic. Anyone who presents her head at the senate stairs are to be rewarded 1000 gp.

23. General Gina has, for the second time, been granted dictatorial powers by the senate in order to protect the republic from internal and external enemies. His appointment are to last a maximum of 6 months.

24. General Gina, protector of the Republic, twice entrusted with the dictatorship, dies of a heart-attack at a bath house.

25. The gladiator champion Thog have been killed at the great Arena by the relative newcomer Alanialla. Many of Thogs supporters say that he was drugged by a piece of fruit given by a supporter of his opponent. Intense fighting among supporters, with several deaths, has taken place both inside and outside the arena. All games are canceled for a week.

26. The senate outlaws the smoking and handling of fairy dust within the borders of the empire. The popularity of this foreign drug has risen dramatically, especially among wealthy youth. The addictiveness and the long periods of hallucinations make the user unfit for work and might invite intrusion from the powers of chaos.

27. Humusi, an associate of general Balathu, has publicized a joint statement from the most powerful gang leaders in the city where they pledge to do their civic duty and eradicate sales of  fairy dust in the city.

28. Tabik Damu, the largest landowner of the republic, has been executed for patricide. After being whipped he was, as tradition demands, tied into a sack together with a serpent, an ape, a dog and a cock and then thrown into the sea from the top of Spire. As he had no heirs his land is now in the hand of the senate. The clan council demands that the land should be distributed among landless citizens.

29. Sariu, a man who have become very rich by renting out land and housing, have suddenly decided to divorce his wife, disinherith his children and retire as a simple soldier guarding the walls of the north. He is also freeing all his slaves and wants to give all his property to those who rent it.  His wife, children and other relatives have petitioned the senate to declare him insane.

30. The head of the dwarven general Falin, who dared to oppose the Alanu control of the Spikeberg, is paraded on the streets.

31. A fire is consuming several buildings in the part of the city called Camp. The desperate effort to put out the fire is marred by looters. A 1 on a d6 means that the fire is hard to put out and spreads near where the adventurers are sometime during the current adventure. The referee should make this a hidden roll.
32. A male has been caught trespassing into the Temple of Mother Alissu. He is now in the process of being slowly roasted alive over her holy fire.

33. General Gina has arrived in the city with his veteran army of 15000 men. He has been invited by the senate in order to safeguard the republic from rioting populists and tyrranists and the intrigues of self serving generals and politicians. The delays in the ordered eastwards movements of troops under the command of general Balathus adoptive son Seluku has since been remedied.

34. General Balathu have been accused of being unpatriotic by preferring the northern ale before the wine from the hills of Alanu. He has therefor invited all citizens to a wine festival at the great square this night.

35. The skies darken as the volcano Mappuhittu spews enormous amounts of ash. The nearby city of Abtu has been destroyed by the ash and lava, leaving thousands of dead.

36. Admiral Hunzuu’s triumph against a huge fleet of Ballaki pirates is celebrated by parading the Admiral, his captives, their treasures and parts of their ships through the city.

37. Captain Sigla, the famed explorer celebrates his recent citizenship by seeking out the riches of the legendary Shadow Lands from which the elves are said to have arrived from, thousands of years ago. With his fleet of four ships he has taken upon himself to prove that the spirit of the Exiles dares to go to a place that the elves are to cowardly to even speek about.

38. The city is plunged into turmoil as the clan council has ignored the traditional veto of the senate regarding a land reform law. Many senators have left the city while armed mobs fill central areas, demanding land for the people. Rumour says that an army, with unknown command, is approaching the city.

39. Rumors say that the soul of the Tyrant has been reincarnated south of the great desert as a mysterious warlord called the Storm-king. It is said that several groups of soldiers in the southern garrisons have mutinied and crossed the desert in order to join him.

40. Senator Iaazipaa is, by the brillians and patriotic young lawyer Dano, exposed as a tyrannist conspirator and thrown from the sacred cliffs of the spire. Some of his associates are hunted down and killed by mobs in the streets.

41. The harpies of the north have declared war on the republic and are now again in an open alliance with the dark elves. This was, according to rumor, provoked by the stealing of their eggs by representatives of the Magisterium. Archmage Alittum strongly denies all such allegations.

42. Thousands of birds are falling dead over the city. Everyone sees this as a great omen but strongly disagrees of what.

43. Gashansunu, a famous speaker of omens, says that the Tyrant shall be reborn from the waves into which he was thrown. But the people must first make themselves worthy of his leadership.

44. Traditionally the high priestesses of Mother Alissu have been given the honorary title Mother of the Republic by the senate a few years after she retains her position. The current one, Iltani,  has been high priestess for almost ten years without receiving the title. Many now fear that this break with tradition will anger the gods.

45. A fire is consuming several of the badly built houses in the part of the city called Field, situated outside the city walls.  The desperate effort to put out the fire is marred by looters. A 1 on a d6 means that the fire is hard to put out and spreads near where the adventurers are sometime during the current adventure. The referee should make this a hidden roll.

46. The old general and respected senator Nutesh denounces citizens who adopt foreign faiths and petitions the senate to ban several of them. The senate is very split regarding the question of which faiths that are foreign and decides to investigate the matter further.

47. Rumors say that Almedna, a prosperous trade city and vassal to the republic, have been totally swallowed by the southern desert.

48. More then 50 are left dead by rioting after false rumors of a great treasure burried in the sewers under the street of apples.

49.  Rumour say that the marsh lords have delivered a secret message to the senate with an offer to end their dealings with the dark elves. In return they want to be recognized by Alanu as lords of the great marsh. Several senators are said to view this offer as false and dangerous.

50. Panic and sorrow grips the city as rumors tell that general Balathu has been killed together with more than 2000 soldiers in a cowardly ambush made by a secret alliance of rebellious ratmen and the dark elves of the mountains. The senate decrees the price of black cloth to be fixed during the period of mourning.

51. Several elves have been killed by riots after rumors that the elves use their magic to shrink the penises of citizens.

52. One of Captain Sigla’s ships have returned to harbor, six months after his little fleet left Alanu seeking the Shadow Lands. Rumors say that only one sickly young boy was found on board, constantly repeating that he bore news of a great awakening that will cleanse the impure. Representatives from the Magisterium quickly arrived at the docks and have taken the boy into custody without further comment. See 37.

53. The moderates and the conservatives in the senate have recalled general Balathu to the city for questioning regarding his actions in the north. He is officially stripped of his command but some rumors say that the entire northern army is heading south with him. His supporters riot in the streets and the clan council is too conflicted to make a clear decision in the matter.

54. Mothers day is celebrated at the temple of Mother Alissu. Tens of thousands of women citizens gather in and around the temple and roams the vicinity in large ecstatic packs and all men found by them are ripped to pieces. Initiates in the inner secrets wander into the tunnels below.

55. A great caravan with trade, gifts and messengers from several realms south of the great desert are visiting the city. They seem eager to bow to the strenght of the republic in order to get protecion against a mysterious warlord they call the Storm-king. The senate and the clan council are discussing the subject.

56. A gigantic floating black orb has positioned itself before the northern gate. A metallic voice demands the precence of Alittum, archmage of the Magisterium, and everyone who approaches is burned to arsh. Alittum is according to rumor unvilling to appear before the orb but a group of senators are currently in his chambers in order to change his mind.

57. Bulgo Boffin, steward of the halflings, is visiting the city in order to perform his annual cermony of humility as a greeting to the senate for its protection which makes it possible for the halflings to remain a simple and humble people.

58. The brillians and patriotic young lawyer Dano has been elevated to the senate for his great services to the republic. His first speech before the senate is an urging to once and for all destroy the marsh lords.

59. The giant floating black orb outside the northern gate has left after archmage Alittum finally agreed to meet with it. It disappeared after a short conversation in an unknown language. Alittum seemed very relived. See 56.

60. The giant floating black orb outside the northern gate has left without meeting archmage Alittum. The northern gate and some buildnings nearby where destroyed by the orb while leaving. See 56.

61. Axloctle, a marsh lord hostage captured several years ago, is in the process of being stoned to death by the public as a punishment for the constant rebellions in the north. His skin an teeth are to be sold to the highest bidder at the senate stair for the benefit of orphans and widows.

62. Alta, the wife of the Tyrant, is pardoned by the senate after postponing her own execution for nine years by almost constant pregnancy. Her seven children by unknown fathers have been adopted by citizens of good standing and she is to remain in the temple of mother Alissu for the rest of her life.

63. Arishaka, son of the Tyrant, is rumored to have survived the glorious purge and has now taken control of the Ballaki pirates. Mostly unsuccessful mutinies occur on several military and civilian vessels by tyrannists who want to join him.
64. A large number of ratman cubs have been made available at the slavemarket in the aftermath of the great pacification of the north. Many patricians and wealthy merchants buy them in order to learn their children how to interact with slaves.

65. An unknown blind elf has been captured by the temple guards of Mother Alissu after publicly warning the city of demons breaking the seals below. Rumors say that she claimed to be Aix, the last elven queen of the city, now returned and that the temple guards was involved in a brief struggle with Magisterium representatives before the capture.

66. Many members of the foreign Roadwalker cult from the east has been banished from the city in one year and one day. The cult has been declared illegal by the senate as their symbolic drinking of the blood of the ”Maker of the Bridge” is challenging the laws against cannibalism.

67. Nargallu a popular bard is in the process of being eaten alive by vultures as punishment for insulting Mother Alissu. The exact allegations is unknown to the public but according to rumor he implied in a song that the sisterhood of Mother Alissu copulates with unclean things in the tunnels under the temple.

68. Several senators voice their disaproval of what they see as inappropiate influence by the Temple of Mother Alissu. The subject is ruled as irrelevant by the head speaker, whose wife, according to rumor, happens to be a high ranking lay initiate of the temple. As a declared patriotic cult it’s influence is by definition always a good thing.

69. The Pure Ones, a secret cult of castrationists, has by the brillians and patriotic young lawyer Dano been revealed to include several citizens of good standing. They have all been declared enemies of the republic as their condemnation of procreation is an attack on the survival of the republic intself.

70. The senate have limited the allowed size of professional mourners to no more than six persons at ordinary funerals. At burials of republican heroes the allowed number is doubled. All public mourners should be decently dressed and are not allowed to hurt themselves with any other tools than their own hands.

71. The Master of the Temple of Peace have died under mysterious surcumstances and now Antaki, the Keeper of the Peace, and Ormut, the Ender of War, struggle in order to inherit the position and its senatorial seat. Both accuse the other of being responsible for the death of the Master. The death of the very pragmatic and corrupt Master also threatens the balance of power in the senate as the two contenders both have very clear allegiances.

72. The clan council has declared a general citizens strike after a series of controversial trials where the senatorial judges have ruled in favor of patricians accused of illegally acquiring lands belonging to widows of citizens fallen in battle. Tens- or even hundreds of thousands citizens are massing on the fields outside the city and demands that the senate should overturn the rulings.

73. Gashansunu, a famous speaker of omens, has seen a great shadow rising among the mountains in the north. The clan council and many senators

74. Ballaki pirates have captured an entire convoy of grain ships headed to Alanu from the Riverlands. Food is getting scarce in the city and the senate declares an all out war on piracy.
75. The emissary from the Dragon Emperor of the far east has left Alanu in anger. When she flew from the City she torched several shacks outside the city walls. Many conflicting rumors bounce about regarding the reasons of her angers are spread through the streets. For further information, see 20.

76. The clan council has passed a law saying that large landowners need to employ Alanu citizens for at least one third of the work force. The senate opposes the law but has been adjourned for two days before votation were held by the traditional authority given to general Hunzuu as a victorious warlord of the republic.

80. A priestess of Mother Alissu has been caught having intercourse with a foreigner. Many say that her actions must be the true cause of the gods anger. The senate ponders if she should be buried alive as a blasphemer or thrown from the cliffs as a traitor.

81. Most conservative senators flee the city as admiral Hunzuu’s fleet arrive in order to “root out the corruption in the heart of the republic”.
82. Archmage Alittum of the Magisterium cancels his visit to the upcoming senate purity cermony due to health problems. Some say this is really because he fears not being able to pass it due to chaotic impurity.

83. Archmage Alittum criticizes opposition to general Hunzuu’s anti-corruption campaign. This direct involvement in politics by the Magisterium worries many that a magocracy is around the corner.

84. The emissary from the Dragon Emperor of the far east has left Alanu after successful negotiations. A relationship of mutual respect and fairness in trade is formally established. Further discussions regarding the mutual interests in pacifying the orcish hordes seems possible in the imminent future. Before leaving the emissary lauded the tough tenderness in the Alanu people.  For further information, see 2o.

85. A close friend, associate or relative of an adventurer (highest die roll) has been declared an Enemy of the Republic by the senate. It is the duty of all citizens to hunt down and kill him or her. Anyone who presents his or her head at the senate stairs are to be rewarded 1000 gp.

86. The senate has issued an formal invitation to Ixazar, a large red stone fallen from the skies that is said to possess miraculous powers, to enter the city and set up a temple for its cult. The major established temples protest and there is wide spread violence on the streets. Enu, High Priest of Belu, welcomes it as a servant of the almighty Belu while the high priestess of Mother Alissu warns that it might be the hidden hearth of a demon. There are riots in the streets against foreign gods. See 86 for more information.

87. Members of the strange cult of Niogalat recently killed Maggarru, the aged mathematician and master of wheels. The senate has therefor declared the entire cult as traitorous. It is the duty of all good citizens to destroy its crystalline idols and amulets and bring its adherents to trial.

88. The grain prizes have doubled in a week with extensive rioting as  a result. Some blame pirate attacks on the grain ships, others blame greedy landowners and a few, as usual, blame the elves.

89. A great comet is passing over the city. Panic grips the citizens and Gashansunu, a famous speaker of omens, says that it forebodes death and a new beginning. Prizes for temple sacrifices increase with 20%.

90.Today the Senate declares a general cancellation of the debts of all citizens, which takes effect immediately. The exception is debts owed to the temple of patriotic cults.

91. All sothsayers, seers and readers of omens are expelled from the city until further notice. The decree was made this morning by an unanimous senate after a night of closed negotiations.

92. Today is the festival of sorrow, in rememberance of the peoples suffering after the drowning of the isles and their powerful will to survive. Hundreds of young men compete by running naked through the street while being lashed with cermonial sticks by the crowds. The first one to reach the victory gate is declared king of the festival.

93. The senate, with the assistance of the magisterium, has come to the conclusion that it today is exactly 500 years since the exiles from the Iron Islands first stepped on the shore of Alanu. This is celebrated with a great festival and the main festival area has, in order to keep the peace, been sanctified with the presence of Mother Alissu. See 86 for more information.

94. A fire has ravaged a palace on the slopes of Spire. It was soon put out by rain brought forth by the prayers of Enu, High Priest of Belu.

95. Enu, High Priest of Belu, has been consumed alive together with many other priests by the horrendous creature that was contained in the worshipped stone Ixazar. The newly build temple of Ixazar is getting increasingly covered by nearly impenetrable demonic slime while the senate debates what actions to take.

96. The rotten plague is no more. Thousands of infected have visited the newly built temple of Ixazar and gained healing by touching the stone. People again dare to walk the streets of the city. Many say that Ixazar should be given a formal triumph because of its victorious battle against the illness.

97. The Brotherhood of the Secret Flame is branded as atheist who lack the proper reverence to the gods of the City. 12 of it’s leaders are banished from the city in one year and one day.

98. The waters from the sacred spring of Spire are suddenly turned into blood and will remain so for d10 days. Most of the higher parts of the city now have to bring its water by the bucket from the aqueducts and the wells. Panic and a hundred wild rumors spreads in the city. Many say that it is the elves who have cursed the spring.

100. A close friend, associate or relative of an adventurer (highest die roll) has been declared a Hero (or Friend if a non-citizen) of the Republic by the senate. He or she is to be celebrated with a special feast at the senate stairs.

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