Classes of Xuh'lan

Preparing for some actual play in Xuh’lan has given me reason to think about the character generation again. I’ve decided to re-instate classes, despite what I wrote earlier. These are the classes I’m thinking about including:

Fighter Works as usual.

Psionic Adept Another name for Magic-users more in line with science fantasy tropes. The Witch Stones will still remain as a tempting fast route to power for those not gifted with psionic abilities, or simply too impatient to go the slow route of training and studying.

Technician This will be a reinterpretation of the Cleric class inspired by this idea on Strange Magic.

I may also include a Psionic Warrior class based on the Elves racial class. Perhaps there will be Thieves, but probably not.

I’m also thinking about ditching the skill-system, but havent really decided yet.

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