This short overview of the star system in which the planet of Xuh’lan is located is meant to be of help when the PC’s stumble through a gate to another world, find an old space craft or meet visitors from other planets.

Xuhn – A bloated and dying red star.

Volm – At the surface this looks like a dead and barren world, scorched by the scathing rays of Xuhn. However, the planet is actually hollow and inhabited by the Eshteli (equivalent to Elves in rules termes) who wage a war against a race of mind controlling insects.

Ys – A world of swamps, marshes and shallow oceans. Inhabited by reptoids. The planets moon is a giant space station left behind by the Primordials.

Ebek – This world is shrouded in a thick and poisonous atmosphere. Terrible Eye-Beasts live in black towers.

Xuh’lan – Has three moons, Marb, Orob and Zoth-Ya.

Malak – The seven moons of this gas giant is inhabited by tribes of humans who have acquired a fleet of space craft which they use to raid the richer worlds of the inner system.

Hlyx – This huge and cold world is inhabited by a weird race of metallic crystal beings.

Isk – Farthest away from the star, at the threshold to interstellar space lies this small and cold planetoid, forever shrouded in darkness. Locked in orbit around it is the mountain-sized, vaguely humanoid, body of a dead god. Someone brave, or foolish, enough to make the long journey to the lonely resting place of the deceased deity and who dared to venture within its husk could possibly find many wondrous and unique objects.

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