A Xuh'lani calendar

I dont intend Xuh’lan to become a richly detailed culture gaming setting, but more than once I’ve wanted to be able to refer to a specific day or date without resorting to our real-world nomenclature. And, I’m a sucker for this kind of baroque and pseudo-exotic stuff.

The peoples of Xuh’lan measure time according to the ancient stellar myths of the Celestial Domain. Days, weeks, months and years are counted in cycles divided in the seven constellations of the cosmic houses, thus resulting in a seven day week, a 49 day month and a 343 day year.

The Radiant Void
The Vortex
The Black Stars
The Howling Beast
The Ancient One
The All-seeing Eye
The Coming Darkness

An arbitrary date could be referred to as “the day of the Howling Beast in the week of the Vortex” or “the 20th day of the Black Stars in the 525th year of the All-seeing Eye”. Once each year there is the Conjunction, when the year, month, week and day all carry the same title which is seen as a very portentous event and is celebrated with great feasts and grand rituals.

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