A Xuh'lani beastiary: Ghost Lights

an orb of spectral blue light

Ghost Lights – Small levitating globes of spectral blue light. They possess only the most basic form of animal intelligence, but has the ability to reflect a telepathic echo of random fragments of thought within a 20 meters radius from them. Anyone within that area must make a saving throw or be subject to a Confusion spell. They are drawn to sources of mental activity and will follow any intelligent creatures they happen upon. Fortunately, Ghost Lights are a rare phenomenon and even when they do appear they tend to dissolve spontaneously (1 in 6 every turn).

# Appearing: 4-16 AC: 12 [7] HD: 1 Attacks: Aura of Confusion Saving Throw: 16 Special: Semi-material, can only be hurt by beam weapons. Move: 18

Kree-Kree and Kree-Kree-Men
Alien Gods

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