This ‘beer and pretzels’ game of gonzo monster wrestling is inspired by Gammarauders and Kaiju films and based on the Supercrew rules system. In order to play you will need pens and paper, at least three six-sided dice and some counters, such as glass beads or poker chips. Space Mutant Gladiators is intended for 2-6 players.

1. How to create your Space Mutant Gladiators

Each player will need one Space Mutant Gladiator of his or her own. The Gladiators have three powers graded by the number of dice they allow you to toll: 3, 2 and 1. In order to use your most potent power and roll 3 dice you must pay one Fate point. These points are gained by using your weakest power that only lets you roll 1 die. The middle-level power, that gives you 2 dice, is free to use any time. All Gladiators start with 3 hit points.

This is how you create your Space Mutant Gladiators: Draw the top third of your Space Mutant Gladiator and write down your first power. Fold the paper so that only the lowest part shows, and pass the paper to your right. Now draw the middle section on the paper given to you by the player on your left, and write the second power. Fold the paper again and pass it to the right. Draw the bottom part and write the third and last power.

2. Fighting.

Fights are divided into rounds where all Gladiators may perform one action each.

1. Declare intentions
Each player say what his or her Gladiator will do, typically by declaring who they will attack and with what power.
2. Roll dice
Each player rolls the number of dice indicated by the power his or her Gladiator is using. Count the number of dice showing 4-6 (ignore the once showing 1-3), this is the Effect which determines both the order in which the actions are resolved and the strength of the attack.
3. Actions
The one with the greatest Effect goes first. In case of a stale mate both actions occur simultaneously.
4. Defense
The target of an attack gets to choose between a reflexive and an active defense. With a reflexive defense the target rolls one die, an active defense uses one of the Gladiators powers. If the target has already acted during the round it can only make a reflexive defense. If the target has not yet acted and chooses to use an active defense, it forfeits its usual action during the round.
5. Damage
The Effect of the defense roll is subtracted from the defense of the attack roll. The remaining sum is the amount of damage subtracted from the targets hit points. At 0 HP the Gladiator is defeated.

Cooperation: Gladiators may cooperate against a common opponent. A Gladiator who has not yet acted during the round may decide to give up his or her own action in order to add his or her Effect to that of another Gladiator whose turn it is to act. Any fans gained through such an action are split between the cooperating Gladiators.

3. The Arena

By spending a Fate point when declaring an action a Gladiator may make use of a feature in the arena to gain an additional die for that action.

Roll for three random features before the fight:
2. Zero gravity zone.
3. Lake of fire.
4. Spiked walls.
5. Carnivorous plants.
6. Electric lightening bolts.
7. Falling rocks.
8. Laser-sharks!
9. Revolving platform.
10. Poison gas.
11. Pools of acid.
12. Warp flux field.

4. Fame

The achievements accomplished during the career of a Gladiator are measured in levels of fame based on the amount of fans that he, she or it manages to gather. At each level the Gladiator has become more experienced and powerful. At levels 1, 3 and 5 the Gladiators gain a Trick. Each trick can be used once per fight. At levels 2, 4 and 6 they gain one more hit point. To reach your first level you need 1 million fans. The amount of fans needed to reach the next level is always twice that of the current level.

1. 1 Million fans. Hero of the Week (Reroll your dice)
2. 2 Million fans. The Audience’s Favorite (+1 HP)
3. 4 Million fans. HoloNet-star (Change one die to a 5)
4. 8 Million fans. Granted the status of Free Citizen (+1 HP)
5. 16 Million fans. True Legend (Change the roll to Effect 2)
6. 32 Million fans. Worshipped as Demigod (+1 HP)

Number of thousand fans gained through heroic achievements:
Impressive attack (Effect of 3 or more): 100
Defeating a Gladiator of lower level: 50
Defeating a Gladiator of equal level: 200
Defeating a Gladiator of greater level: 300 x difference in levels.
Winning a fight: 500 x the number of opponents

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