Tompta Gudhi

At the winter solstice feast of rebirth the families of Alanu renew the bond with their Tompta Gudhi, the guardian spirit of their home, by ritually sharing a rice pudding dinner with its idol. Not being able to participate in the dinner is generally seen as a bad omen why absent family members are represented by small wooden dolls wearing their hair. Tompta Gudhi are continuously receiving small sacrifices of fruit juices, oil, incense and blood during the year.

The children of the house are charged with serving and cleaning the idol and altar. Children that have been virtuous during the year are often given gifts during the solstice feast as a reward for that service.

The Tompta Gudhi protects the home from illnesses, theft, fire and other bad things. Families and houses plagued by misfortune are often said to have angered their Tompta Gudhi.

The Tompta Gudhi idols are mostly placed near the entrance of the home and many burglars use protective talismans in order to avoid their wrath.

Burglars, without proper protection, entering a home that is on good terms with it’s Tompta Gudhi must make a saving throw in order to avoid the wrath of the spirit. Especially if they enter the house somewhere near it’s altar. The Tompta Gudhi strikes with one level 1 spell of the GM:s choice. Long established spirits of old houses can be considerably more powerful.

I “borrowed” the basis for the picture from the page bellow. Please consider buying a meditating gnome or something else if you like it:

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