Planetary adventure novels

Most likely you have read Edgar Rice Burrough’s Barsoom novels and Leigh Brackett’s planetary stories (but, if you havent you really should). Here are some planetary romance and sword & planet novels that you perhaps have not read.

Gulliver of Mars by E L Arnold (1905), Doctor Omega by Arnould Galopin (1906) and Vampires of Mars by Gustave le Rouge (1908) are pre-Barsoom novels where earthlings travel to Mars, meet alien beings and have strange adventures (with or without martian princesses).

Almuric by Robert E Howard and Drell Master by Caroll ‘Poke’ Runyon move the action beyond the solar system to alien worlds orbiting unknown stars.

Blackthorn by Van Allen Plexico takes us back to Mars and resolves the conflict between the vision of an inhabited but dying world and the planet known to modern science by placing the action in a far future where an advanced terrestrial civilisation has terraformed the red planet, peopled it with genetically modified creatures and then collapsed leaving super-science artifacts in its ruins.

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