Petty Gods submission: Urglu, Goddess of Mutations

Name: Urglu, Goddess of Mutations, Godmother of Aberrations and Monstrosities
Symbol: A broken mirror
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Movement: 30’ (15’)
Armor Class: 2
Hit Points (Hit Dice): 10
Attacks: Claw, Acid spit, Special
Damage: 1d8, 1d12, Special
Save: F9
Morale: 10
Hoard Class: II, IX
XP: 1,700

Urglu is a misshapen creature whose twisted 15’ tall body is covered in patches of hair and varying blotches of scales and blisters. Her right leg is malformed and stiff, below her left arm there sprouts three tentacles. Above her drooling mouth there is a conglomeration of eyes in many shapes and sizes.

The Goddess of Mutations visits expecting women and gestating animals and give her blessings to their progeny. She favors children born of incestuous relations, but may also particular families who receive her gifts generation after generation. Some scholars claim that Urglu is more active during certain stellar alignments and that her attention can be diverted through the use of astrological amulets.

Many women with child perform offerings where food is placed within a small clay statuette that is buried in the ground in order to persuade the goddess to spare their offspring. Others seek to fool Urglu by making a doll with a deformity or other who they carry as if it was a real child. Some worship the Goddess of Mutations and actively seek her favors.

In melee Urglu attacks with her claws, or if she can touch an opponent’s naked skin she may give her blessing (see below) unless the target makes a save against wands. After spending a turn hawking and coughing she can spit acid up to 60’.

1d4 Blessings: 1-3 Lesser, 4-5 Greater, 6 Major.

Lesser blessings: 1 Hirsute, 2 Cleft lip, 3 Webbed hands, 4 Six fingers, 5 No teeth, 6 No eyes.

Greater blessings: 1 Extra arm, 2 Tentacles instead of arms, 3 Extra eye, 4 Cyclopic, 5 Fur, 6 Scaly skin, 7 Feathers, 8 Hoofs, 9 Tail, 10 Antlers, 11 Clawed hands, 12 Beak.

Major blessings: 1 Gills (able to breathe under water), 2 Darkvision (60’), 3 Regeneration (as a Troll), 4 Omnivorous (can gain sustenance from any matter), 5 Wings, 6 Echolocation (as a bat).

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