Petty Gods submission: Berenedril, God of Folly

Name: Berenedril, God of Folly, Lord of Stupidity and Blind Luck
Symbol: Jesters hat
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Movement: 60’ (30’)
Armor Class: 1
Hit Points (Hit Dice): 7
Attacks: Rattle or Feather
Damage: 2d8, special
Save: T8
Morale: 9
Hoard Class: VI
XP: 790

Berenedril appears as a jolly man wearing jester’s clothes and a blindfold. As the Lord of Stupidity and Blind Luck he wanders the realms spreading silliness and foolishness and generally making existence an absurd joke.

All who come within 20’ of the Lord of Folly must make a save against spells or become drunk on the gods presence. Everyone so affected will become careless, foolhardy and impulsive and act rashly and recklessly. They will believe anything they are told and follow any orders or suggestions, short of the immediately suicidal. This lasts for as long as they stay within 20’ of the god or for an hour after leaving his presence. During this time they count as surprised if they encounter hostile beings. However, all player characters that have been affected also receive the god’s gift of good luck and can choose to reroll one die roll any time during the following year.

During a combat Berenedril will spend his turn doing one of the following (1d6): 1-3 strike with his rattle (2d8), 4-5 strike with his feather (Cure Light Wounds on target), 6 laugh and dance.

It is common to celebrate Fools Day, where people dress in silly clothes and engage in all kinds of pranks and shenanigans. By doing so it is believed that the god will grant good luck rather than bad judgment for the rest of the year. During such festivities there is a 5% chance that Berenedril makes a personal visit.

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