The Doom from Beyond Space and Time

So I finally bought and read the Monolith from beyond space and time, and it really is a magnificently epic mind fuck – just reading the booklet was as a psychedelic experience! In his foreword James Raggi says that the module is a homage to HP Lovecraft, and it really is a Lovecraftian adventure, even though there are no references to Cthulhu, the Necronomicon, Yog-Sothoth or any tentacled monsters or Great Old Ones at all. This is an adventure module that captures some of the basic themes of HPL’s cosmic horror without regurgitating the specific details of the Cthulhu Mythos.

Well, many others have made fine reviews of the module so I’ll just pitch in this little idea. The following spell can be introduced in a dream of a Magic-User PC, written on a scroll as part of a treasure hoard or it can be the goal for an epic quest or the focus for a mysterious conspiracy.

New spell: Call of the Doom from Beyond Time and Space
Magic-User Level 1
Duration: Instantaneous
Range: Touch (see below)

This spell causes the Monolith from Beyond Space and Time to manifest in the campaign setting. It will then expand its influence until it encompasses the entire world.

How will the monolith enter the local reality?
1. A new star is born, during 3d4 nights it grows visibly larger becoming a comet blazing across the sky with a flaming tail visible night and day. Finally, as it shines brighter than the sun, it hits the ground on the very spot where the spell was cast, annihilating everything within a radius of 1d1000 miles and covering the sky in a blanket of dust.
2. The monolith bursts out of the ground beneath the spot where the spell was cast. The surrounding 1d100 miles are shaken by an earthquake.
3. The spellcaster’s body is turned into the monolith, his or her mind is now an inhabitant of the world within the monolith.
4. The valley of the monolith has always been there, adjust history to accommodate this fact.
5. The valley of the monolith replaces a randomly determined hex on the campaign map.
6. The monolith arrives anywhere on the campaign map where the spellcaster wants if to manifest.

The valley of the monolith will retain the same internal dimensions as described in the module, but will gradually expand its outer perimeter by absorbing every directly adjacent hex on the campaign map each day until the entire world is under its influence.

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