What's the faith of your cleric?

So your lazy ass GM didn’t bother to make up gods and religions for the campaign? And you are just as lazy as well and can’t be bothered to invent your pc’s faith? Well lucky for you here’s one lazy ass blog post with a d20 table of wiki-links to some spiritual traditions and new religious movements for inspiration or whole-sale theft.

1. Scientology
2. Raëlism
3. Thelema
4. Theosophy
5. Wicca
6. Eckankar
7. Aetherius
8. Rosicrucianism
9. Kemetic Orthodoxy
10. Asatru
11. Peoples Temple
12. The Process
13. Neoplatonism
14. Yazidism
15. Valentinian Christian Gnosticism
16. Manichaeism
17. Moorish Science
18. Temple of Set
19. Vodou
20. Falun Gong


As an additional treat here’s a table for the actual truth behind your god(s) or divine force(s):

1. Superior civilisation from Outer Space.
2. Beings from another dimension.
3. Super-advanced artificial intelligences.
4. Post-singularity post-humans.
5. Time travellers.
6. Hollow Earth inhabitants
7. Archetypes in the psyches of the believers, miracles are parapsychological phenomena.
8. Frauds. Ordinary humans using smoke and mirrors to pull a fast one on their fellow mortals.

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