Bizarro role-playing games

Bizarro fiction is the literary equivalent of the cult section of the video store (do you remember when we used to have video stores?). Like most other fiction genres there are role-playing games of a matching kind. Now, of course role-playing games being the wonderful participatory things they are, the amount of bizarro in the game will be decided by the actual people playing. But the games, supplements and modules below all contain a great deal of potential for truly strange, gonzo and bizarre experiences.


HOL – Human Occupied Landfill. The game is set on a planet serving as trash dump and penal colony where the player characters must fight to survive and escape. Speaking of the PC’s, “instead offering a set of pre-generated characters, including a young boy with an oversized plasma gun whose survival is completely inexplicable, a pedophile priest, a gamer geek, Elvis Presley, and parodies of two Marvel Comics superheroes, the Silver Surfer and the Incredible Hulk.”

Over the Edge. This game is like a cross between Cronenberg’s movie of Burroughs Naked Lunch and Wilson’s Illuminatus. The Mediterranean island of al Amarja is the focus point of all strangeness in the world, ranging from conspiracies and Fortean phenomena to the straight out surreal and absurd. The free form game system allows you to play any weird character you can imagine – a friend of mine once played a levitating telepathic kiwi fruit.

Unknown Armies. An esoteric conspiracy in the shape of a fast food company. A female porn star that transcends to become a facet of the divine. Sorcerers fueling their magick with booze.

Anomalous Subsurface Environment. A gonzo science fantasy mega-dungeon for OSR D&D retro-clones. Robots, lasers, dinosaurs and clowns!

Vaginas Are Magic! Feminine anti-cosmic nihilist magic of death for the Lamentations of the Flame Princess (LotFP) weird fantasy rpg.

Blood in the Chocolate. The psycho-sexual fantasy rpg version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory that you have been waiting for!

Narcosa. Drug fueled fantasy gaming. Weird narcotics (Mugwump effluvium anyone?) and drug trance mages.

The Island of Purple-Haunted Putrescence. Mutant sorcerers, sex and dinosaurs.

Towers Two. A sordid adventure module written by David Grockie of GWAR. Featuring the Sea Slut, the Suck-Thing and the dreaded deathfuck magic items (such as a whip made from a succubus cunt).

The Chaos Gods Come to Meatlandia. Visceral gory fantasy reminiscent of Stuart Gordon’s Reanimator. Also you can play a Chaos DJ, a character class that lets you play a song and have magic happen in the game based on the lyrics.

(Edit: Forgot to add this!) Noumenon. The players take on the roles of insectoids joined in a collective consciousness. These beings are (perhaps?) a manifestation of the soul of a deceased person. They explore the Silhouette Rouge, a big sprawling mansion with many hidden secrets and enigmatic inhabitants.

Do you know of any weird and strange role-playing books that I haven’t mentioned here? If so, please comment and tell us!

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