Gathox Random World Table


So, I was reading in my copy of Gathox Vertical Slum and thinking about how cool it is that this ambulating god-city travels between different worlds and how this would let players make expeditions from the city to explore and scavenge whatever worlds they happen to find themselves on.

Therefore, I made a random table for worlds that Gathox can appear on. I wanted a science fantasy / sword and planet vibe, another table could have D&D Great Wheel planes or high fantasy settings or alternate versions of Earth history or…

1. Hubris

2. Carcosa

3. The Purple Planet

4. Athanor

5. Zoon

6. BX Mars

7. Mu / Mars

8. Athas

9. The Ultraviolet Grasslands

10. The Land of One Thousand Towers

11. The Hill Cantons

12. Xuhlan 

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