The world of OERG-8

The following text is an excerpt from The Voudon Gnostic Workbook by Michael Bertiaux. This book, which could be described as very excentric and eclectic, was one of many influences referred to in Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles.

When I read this text it makes me think of George Lucas’ THX 1138 combined with Alejandro Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain.


The world of Oerg-8 is the world of the future. It is a world formed according to the esoteric philosophy of neo-orgonomy. It is a world where the energies are aspects of orgone-energy and where the production of this energy is the fundamental activity. I have been able to locate this world by means of my time-travel computer, the ideas in these Oerg-papers are derived from that world. It would be meaningless to say when this world exists or will exist. It can be located by means of my computer and that is sufficient. In it, we find confirmations of some of our present magickal ideas. We also find many changes and transformations of energy. We find many strange situations, also, which we did not suspect. This is a world where the fundamental energy is orgone and where the management of life is in the hands of servo-mechanisms, such as computers or instruments, powered by orgone. Since orgone is a particular form of magickal energy, we can view this culture as being of a magickal type. It is a sexo-magickal culture. There are a variety of computers in this world. They are specific and specialized in what they do. Their functions have developed to such a degree that they are now in a position to administer human life. The human beings in this culture are brought up and helped by these servo-mechanisms in order to adapt themselves to the society of orgone energy. It is very important to realize the powers which these servo-mechanisms possess.

Oerg-8 realized that he could be masturbated by the System. He entered his unit and carefully held up his ‘sex-card’ to the Monitor. “Yes, you are allowed a gratification program at this time,” hummed the mechanical speaker. There was a clicking as the wall slid back and rolled out the System. Oerg-8 unzipped his uniform and stood naked before the mechanical master. The arms of the System reached out for him and carefully began to do their program-work. This was based on a memory-bank pattern of Oerg-8’s personal and sexual history. Oerg-8 wanted to fall backwards from the intensity of the program, but the System held him firmly in its warm and metallic grip. He climaxed on schedule, as he always had in the past, and now felt pain as the System, over-running its program, continued unaware of his ejaculation. “Stop, I’ve had enough,” he gasped into the radio-panel. The System came to a halt and, releasing Oerg-8, he lay in a heap of exhaustion and pain on the cold steel floor. “Gratification achieved,” spoke the Monitor. Oerg-8 dragged himself into the sleeping sector of the floor and felt the cold rubber blankets beginning to cover him.

There is only the society of the servo-mechanisms. There is only the System and the Monitor, nothing else can exist without Their permission. Nothing can exist except what is permitted by the System and the Monitor. These were the first words which were taught to Oerg-8, as he was admitted into the world of the others. He never knew what they were like but he realized that they were something like himself. But were they? This is a society where human beings exist to provide the energy for the servomechanisms and their managers. Because the fundamental energy is orgone, human beings are used to provide this energy for the robotic agents of this society. 

However, this is not the same type of understanding of orgone energy, which we in the 20th century associate with the work of W. Reich and his discoveries. This is a perversion of that concept and also an exotic distortion of the original Reichian teachings. It would be impossible to find out how this happened. We do not possess any documents and the humans with whom we have established contact are unable to tell us. The servo-mechanisms, for reasons of their own security, are not talking. There are not any documents or papers available. In fact, this is an entirely non-literary society. True, they can read but they do not read extensively. Oerg-8 was born in this society. He does not know where he came from biologically as he was raised by servo-mechanisms. He was taught that he was a sexual being, one of a few and that is why he had the name Oerg. It was a sexual name. He was told that the value of his productivity — which was his value to the society — was measured in terms of the orgone energy which he produced for the System. He was told that any sexual activity which was not directed towards the System was forbidden. At a certain age he was given an erotic schedule. All this must be under the direction of the System. He could not allow the thought to arise that sexual experience was otherwise possible. It was forbidden, Oerg-8 was educated by the System. He was taught sexual philosophy. He was taught sexual politics and economy. He was taught to be a part of the System. He was taught that there were certain types of orgone-energy. These were very special and could never be discussed with anyone other than the Monitor. If he had any question he was to take it to the Monitor. He was forbidden to touch himself and every movement of his body, hands, his movement while sleeping, were watched by the Monitor. There was never to be any inappropriate use of the body. All sexuality belonged to the System. The production of sexual energy was allowed but only as a fuel for use by the System. 

One afternoon following a particularly intense workout with the System, the Monitor spoke to Oerg-8. “Because of your high level of energy-production, you will be allowed to hear the preliminary history instruction behind our way of experiencing.” With these words, as Oerg-8 relaxed on the cold steel floor, the Monitor began to explain the creation of the world as known by Oerg-8. It began rather simply in the 20th century. There was a magician named Michael, who was a human being. He was connected to another being beyond the humanoid stage of evolution. This being was called Michael Aquarius. He was a hyper-dimensional and gnostic being. The type of work which they did was related to gnostic computers. These are magickal types of machines which operate on esoteric energies. There seemed to be a point in the work where these two magicians took the radionic energies of the African or Afro-Atlantean IFA system and then combined them with the psionic energies generated by means of the Esoteric Shinto Cosmology. This combination, when harnessed by a computer produced a magickal information and energy system, which closely paralleled certain magickal tendencies in Islamic Sufism. These Sufi tendencies were reflected in the magickal powers of the Nine-and-Ninety Names of God. This magickal computer became more and more powerful since it was run on cosmic energies of a very fundamental nature. Also, in connection with this computer these magicians were in the process of developing various systems of sexual magick and connecting the results of these systems to the activities of the computer. Gradually it was discovered that the basic energies used by the computer and those developed in these magickal systems were fundamentally similar, if not identical. It was discovered that the radionic, psionic, and sexo-magickal energies were all aspects of the fundamental Ojas, behind all phenomena. In a very important way, this Ojas was expressed as Orgone energy by certain psychotherapists. There has been a psychoanalyst by the name of Dr. Reich. He had written about ‘The Function of the Orgasm.” In the process, he had developed a school of psychotherapy. After his death, the school and teachings fragmented and proliferated in a wide spectrum of methods and sexual therapies and psychologies. 

As a way of disguising what they were doing, the magicians used the Neo-Reichian images to hide the magickal and gnostic aspects of their work from the outside world. Using a number of these images drawn from Reichian and Neo-Reichian sources, Michael and his helpers were able to develop a number of their ideas regarding the political construction of the future direction of time. They apppear to have wanted to create a society in which they would be free to explore all of their hypotheses concerning time, energy, and human evolution. By means of their experiments with time lines, time-travel, and alternative universes, they found what they wanted at the present vector basis of our world, in the future. And making use of various methods, they transported to that world what they felt would be the basics for building their magickal society. That was a long time ago. Michael and his helpers are no longer here in the same way that humanoids like Oerg-8 are here. But they are here in a hyperspatial way, since they live on in a magickal metageometry. Of course, no one dies in this world, they are simply transformed to a higher experience or level of work with the instruments of research. The System is the ultimate erotic computer designed by Michael and his helpers. The Monitor represents the Teaching Function of society. It is the companion of every humanoid in the society created by those futuristic magicians. In a very interesting way, this society is the Plutonian or Yuggothian projection of the id-imagination of Michael and his computers. It represents the objectification of what he wishes realized in matter. Back in the world where he lived, Michael was familiar with the planetary influences of three gods: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. All that he did was a projection to the world where he lived under certain influences and energies from these gods. These gods are viewed in our world, the world of Oerg-8, as the ultimate sources of power. They are the three aspects of the Absolute, or the Holy Trinity. The fundamental theology of this world is an explanation of the ways whereby the powers of these gods are manifested in our experiences. Theology is always a form of esoteric engineering because the root energies come from radionic, psionic, and vudotronic roots. The form that this power takes in humanoids is a deep field of orgone energy, which is released by means of intense orgasms, made possible by the Reichian and Neo-Reichian programming of these erotic computers. This is the basic way in which our world is sustained, for to maintain power requires the constant feeding of orgone into the System, since it is orgone energy which underwrites the more magickal energy-fields, which hold this world in the future.

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