Creating a city with Esoteric Enterprises

The coming saturday I will run a Esoteric Enterprises game on our local quarterly OSR con Grottröj. I could have gone with something a bit more small-scale, but I wanted to test the EE tools for creating an underground environment and an occult underworld. Though, admittedly, I’ve deviated somewhat from the procedure by choosing to use a map of an actual city – namely Umeå where our convention is held.

EE Umeå 1Umeå is by no means a big city, even though it has a university, large industry and the main hospital of the region, so one might wonder how so many supernatural factions can hide in such a limited population. But for the sake of this game we will simply disregard such questions.

EE Umeå 2The first step in rolling up the undercity is to drop a handfull of different dice on a large piece of paper.EE Umeå 4The I noted the type of die and the number rolled and checked against the table in the rulebook to see what kind of undercity complex was situated at that spot.

EE Umeå 3I linked nearby complexes with passages, and by comparing the type of dice on each end and checking against another table I could determine the specific sort of conduit. Now, since Umeå does not have a subway I reinterpreted that result as military tunnels, for covert transportation of materials. EE Umeå 5To roll up the social underworld of occult criminals I dropped a handfull of different dice on a empty paper. By once again comparing the type of dice and the number rolled against tables in the EE rulebook I could see what groups dominated the scene and what kind of relations they have to each other. EE Umeå 6Then I performed a similar procedure for each of the undercity complexes. At the same time I compared the undercity with the social underworld and decided what locations was inhabited by specific factions.

EE Umeå 8Now that I know how the undercity looks like, what factions of occult weirdos are active in the city and their conflicts with each other I can make some adventure hooks for the game.

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2 Responses to Creating a city with Esoteric Enterprises

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  2. doublejig2 says:

    Lovely use of graphs to convey content, import, and swerve.

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