Pariah is a “psychedelic proto-neolithic animist old-school roleplaying game” that I recently received after backing its zine quest kickstarter. Check out the creators blog here and store here.

I really like this game (another campaign to play, I need to quit my job!) and was inspired to make this NPC.

Cunning Hyena

True name: Urugu

A lanky old man with an intense gaze and complex tattoos covering face and upper body. Due to mutations his eyes bun with a magenta coloured flame and he smells faintly of ozone. His touch deal minor electrical shocks.

As a youth he was visited in his dreams by entities from Beyond. After he performed the rites they taught him and bound a spell-spirit to himself the elders of his tribe decided that he had broken a great taboo and cast him out into the wilderness. From then on he has followed the instructions of the whispering voices from Outside.

Cunning Hyena is followed by Empty Jar, a ten year old boy with empty eyes and a string of drool from his slack-jawed mouth. He was kidnapped by Cunning Hyena as an unnamed infant and used as a vessel to bind Azazanaz (4 HD), a fearsome elemental spirit from Beyond. When the spirit becomes active the boys eyes glow with magenta fire and a vailing ululation rises from his throat. When the boy is cut he bleeds a milky luminescent substance. This efluvium is an entheogen associated to the realm of the Beyond.

Following the directions of the voices from beyond the stars Cunning Hyena have built a shrine to them in a cave. The walls are painted with stars and eyes. In the center is a pyramid of human skulls from people whom Cunning Hyena have trapped and sacrificed to his masters.

HD: 8d6

HP: 7

Attributes: Con 10, Str 10, Dex 13 (+1), Int 13 (+1), Wis 8 (-1), Cha (Core) 13 (+1)

Saves: Death / Poison 13, Magical devices 14, Paralysis / Petrific. 13, Reflex 15, Spells +1

Skills: Craft (Tattoo) Int d8, Entheogens Con d10, Herbalism Wis d8, Intimidation Cha d10, Persuasion Cha d8, Poisons Int d10, Traps Dex d10

Rituals: Show me the the truth, Invocation, Conjuration, Binding

Bound spell-spirit from Beyond (3 HD).

Possessions: Colourful flaxen cloak, Leather pouch, Sack, Obsidian knife (Proficient, Int), Blowpipe + darts, Tattoo needles and pigments, Clay jar (poisonous ointments), Human skull drinking cup, Onyx dodecahedron. An ice cold, black, twelve sided, fist sized stone. Eyes starring out from each side. Lets the user paralyze a living target (until next dawn or dusk) or spend HD to damage Int or Cha (attackers choice).

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2 Responses to NPC for PARIAH

  1. Thought I’d come back and eave a comment months after reading this! It’s such a great post, Empty Jar is a perfect accomplice.

    Have you had a chance to run a pariah session? How did it go?

    • terjenordin says:

      Sadly not. I’m gming one campaign and playing in another so there haven’t really been time. Of course I could do a oneshot, but I feel Pariah deserves a campaign to really shine.

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