Mysterium Weird Fiction Roleplaying

So, I wanted to run some campaigns inspired by contemporary weird fiction. There are many excellent games that I could have used for this, but most of them are centered on HP Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos and even though I’ve had much fun with that stuff over the years it was beginning to feel a bit old. Furthermore I knew that I wanted a d100-based system, and there are several good ones to choose from, but I found that I wanted to use ideas from a handful of them so I started to cobble together a house rule document. Quite soon I had a frankensteins monster made from parts stolen from different games and adapted to suit my needs.

As I worked on the rules, and ran games using the system, I refined and formulated ideas about what I meant by ‘weird fiction’ (stories in the intersection between horror, science fiction and fantasy that avoid common established tropes and focus on the strange and unknown) and how to run roleplaying campaigns in that mode.

What I ended up with can be summarized as a d100-based game for weird fiction roleplaying where ordinary contemporary people encounter the unknown through paranormal phenomena and strange beings. There is no set mythos or cosmology, each campaign is focused on a unique facet of the unknown and mysterious. Therefore rules and stats for weird powers, creatures and technology are particular to each scenario and are not covered by the core rules.

Currently I’m writing up three more extensive scenarios that are meant to make up the meat of the book.

  • The New Gods: Entities from beyond time and space make contact with sensitive individuals and offer strange powers in exchange for worship and sacrifice.
  • Angel Tears: A new drug allows users to access other worlds.
  • Hidden Masters: Ultraterrestrial forces fight a secret war for control of humanitys future.

If you want to check out how the game looks so far there is a Beta version (that include two shorter scenarios) available as Pay what you want (it’s perfectly alright to download it for free!):

I hope to have the game finished in the second half of the year, but as this is a one man 0$ project we’ll just have to see.

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3 Responses to Mysterium Weird Fiction Roleplaying

  1. Tom Pleasant says:

    I just bought this the other day. There’s some really great ideas in there, and Unknown Armies is a great set of rules to use as a framework! I’m looking forward to see what else you do with it. How are you planning to develop the rules to be more unique?

    • terjenordin says:

      Thank you Tom! I’ve been working on several scenarios with rules for specific weird phenomena / creatures / abilities, but I was meaning to leave the basic rules as they are. Do you think that would be a problem?

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