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Comic encounter: Easy recruitment

Taken from Shakespeare’s tragedy of King Lear from 1903. https://archive.org/details/shakespearestrag08shak The illustrator is unknown. The image seems to be free of copyright but please give me some credit if you use it. Especially if you use the caption, which is … Continue reading

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A few ships and some other stuff

And now it’s time for some more nice old illustrations. All pictures below are taken from the swedish magazine “Allers familj-journal” from around 1930. Most of them are made by an artist that signs his stuff “Harry.N” or just “N”. … Continue reading

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Illustrations: Babylonians, coins, vikings and bards

Found formidable treasure trove of nice old illustrations in “The young folk’s story of the world” from 1894. The illustrators that I’ve been able to track Will E. Chapin (d. 1937) and Henri Hildiband (d. 1897) are both safely dead … Continue reading

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Arthurian illustrations by Louis Rhead, part 1

Louis Rhead (1857-1926) was a very productive illustrator, known for his illustrations of childrens books and illustrations related to angling. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_Rhead His illustrations are a treasure trove for fantasy roleplayers looking for free good stuff. Here are some of his … Continue reading

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How I would GM an Eternal Champion Campaign

I have this perennial urge to run a campaign based on Michael Moorcock’s Eternal Champion stories. It would necessarily be a huge undertaking which means that it is not very likely to ever be realised, but this is how I … Continue reading

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Sword and Wizardry at Nordsken convention

We are going to GM a very improvised old school sandbox at Nordsken game convention in Skelleftea in northern Sweden (https://nordsken.se/infoeng). The idea is that the PC:s are free to roam the map of the very generic fantasy kingdom of … Continue reading

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