Revised: The Great Revolutionary War in Heaven

jesus guevaraChrist said “love thine enemy” and forgave Lucifer whose tears of repentance had extinguished the fires of Hell. Together with Sophia they are storming heaven under the banners of Light, Liberty and Love.

The revolutionary triumvirate: The commune of New Jerusalem is ruled by universal suffrage of humans and angels. However the trio of Christ (Netzach the Snake of Paradise as well as Jesus of Nazareth), Lucifer (the Peacock Prince, Satan, Shemyaza) and Sophia (Shekina, Virgin Mary Mother of God as well as Mary Magdalene), are formally only figure heads and first of equals, but has so much influence that they become de facto leaders of the heavenly city.

The Gnostic Liberation Army: Even though I love the concept of the New Jerusalem Commune I’m thinking there would be more room for player agency if the hypothetical campaign was set before the old regime was ousted. So the player characters would constitute an autonomous cell in the revolutionary forces, consisting of fallen angels seeking redemption, angels that have deserted the heavenly host or humans that have become involved in the celestial war. They would get missions from the GLA central triumvirate – Christ (Netzach the Snake of Paradise as well as Jesus of Nazareth), Lucifer (the Peacock Prince, Satan, Samael, Shemyaza) and Sophia (Shekina, Virgin Mary Mother of God as well as Mary Magdalene) – but would mainly act on their own accord.

The l’ancien régime: the archangels Metatron (the patriarch Enoch, Voice of God, prime minister in the heavenly kingdom) and Michael (commander of the heavenly host) have fled the heavenly city with a battered army of angels and some humans who have remained loyal to the old regime still hold the Heavenly City of Zion, but their grip is slipping as parts of the host have joined the revolutionaries.

The neutrals: The archangels Gabriel and Raphael have chosen to be neutral and have left the heavenly city. They are believed to be in communication with both sides in the conflict.

Where is God? Yahwe, Sebaot, Elohim, the Heavenly Father, call him what you want, but no one has seen him for many ages. Metatron claims to speak for God, but remains silent on when he last spoke with him. The revolutionaries claim that God resides in the heart of all and everyone and that the voice of the people is the voice of God.

Roleplaying: This scenario can serve as background for an rpg campaign, either a high powered fantasy game set in the heavens or a game of supernatural conspiracy where agents of all sides work in the mundane world.

Inspiration: gnostic christianity, kabbala, yezidism, the process church of final judgement, the revolutions of 1871 and 1917.

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