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Bizarro role-playing games

Bizarro fiction is the literary equivalent of the cult section of the video store (do you remember when we used to have video stores?). Like most other fiction genres there are role-playing games of a matching kind. Now, of course role-playing … Continue reading

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Secret wars and occult transhumanism

All this talk about psionics and occult transhumanist conspiracies made me think of a couple of related ideas I’ve had perculating in the back of my mind for a long time. My writing and gaming schedule is tight and there’s … Continue reading

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Revised: The Great Revolutionary War in Heaven

Christ said “love thine enemy” and forgave Lucifer whose tears of repentance had extinguished the fires of Hell. Together with Sophia they are storming heaven under the banners of Light, Liberty and Love. The revolutionary triumvirate: The commune of New Jerusalem … Continue reading

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Xuhlan campaign supplement

Five or six years ago I played with an idea for a science fantasy sword and planet style campaign that I originally thought of as “Gamma Barsoom” or “Conan on Tatooine.” After having toyed around with the concept on and … Continue reading

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